CDM for Contractors

CDM Services for Contractors

RJD Associates (North West) Limited can assist Principal Contractors comply with their duties under CDM 2015, including those that work on projects for Domestic Clients, who previously did not have any Client duties under CDM 2007.

Contractors are anyone who directly employs or engages construction workers or manages construction work. Contractors include sub-contractors, any individual self-employed worker or business that carries out, manages or controls construction work.

Contractors and the workers under their control are most at risk of injury and ill health from construction work. Contractors therefore have an important role in planning, managing and monitoring their work to ensure any risks are controlled.

The services we can provide include:

Preparing or advising on the development of Construction Phase Plans
Assisting the Principal Contractor with collection of information from contractors, including the information required for inclusion in the Health & Safety File
Reviewing site health and safety management arrangements
Auditing the Principal Contractor to ensure compliance with the Regulations

Good To Know

In accordance with Regulation 2(1) the Principal Designer must be a Designer as defined in the Regulations, e.g. anyone who as part of their business prepares or modifies a design or arranges for or instructs any person under their control to do so, where the design relates to a structure, or to a product or mechanical or electrical system intended for a particular structure.

A person is deemed to prepare a design where a design is prepared by a person under their control, therefore this definition can include Clients or Contractors.

It is not specified that the Principal Designer has to be designing any part of the project providing they are someone who is a Designer.