CDM for Designers

CDM Services for Designers

CDM Regulation 5(1) requires the Client to appoint a Designer with control over the pre-construction phase as Principal Designer, who has the overarching duty to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the pre-construction phase.

The pre-construction phase is defined to include not only the work before construction starts, but any design work carried out during the construction phase, and on most projects this will overlap with the construction phase, in some cases to the later stages of the project.

The control referred to in Regulation 5(1) relates to health and safety matters only, as CDM 2015 applies to the management of health, safety and welfare when undertaking construction projects, and not the running of the project generally, or for any other purpose.

Given our background and experience in both design and as Planning Supervisors and CDM Co-ordinators under the previous versions of the CDM Regulations we can provide advisory services to Architects and Designers that are reluctant to engage with the new duties of Principal Designer. We also recognize that some design practices do not currently have the in-house resources and the skills, training, knowledge and experience in construction health and safety risk management, and therefore may require a
construction health and safety risk management consultant to supplement the design team and implement a collaborative process to the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of health and safety matters during the pre-construction phase. In addition to acting as CDM Advisors to Principal Designers we can also provide Principal Designer services on appropriate projects.

Good To Know

In accordance with Regulation 2(1) the Principal Designer must be a Designer as defined in the Regulations, e.g. anyone who as part of their business prepares or modifies a design or arranges for or instructs any person under their control to do so, where the design relates to a structure, or to a product or mechanical or electrical system intended for a particular structure.

A person is deemed to prepare a design where a design is prepared by a person under their control, therefore this definition can include Clients or Contractors.

It is not specified that the Principal Designer has to be designing any part of the project providing they are someone who is a Designer.